“In dreams we enter a world that´s entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.”

Uniqueness and Originality

We believe in the power of uniqueness, so all Metamorfica´ s collections are limited editions.
Each capsule collection is inspired by a theme and carries its own set of new, bold!, and original prints designed by Chiara or in collaboration with illustrators all over the world.

Versatility and Creativity

A lot of Metamorfica´s items can be easily transformed (inside-out wearable skirts, dresses that can be worn in several ways), so that they are super versatile. Metamorfica´s women can experiment different combinations, play around and feel like they can wear a different piece of cloth each time!

Metamorfica´s Women

Metamorfica´s women are audacious souls, who strive to express themselves through fashion and are not afraid of being seen!
They are women looking for original and unique pieces of clothing to play with and reinvent themselves day after day.


At Metamorfica we strive to find solutions to minimize our environmental impact.

  • We produce limited edition capsule collections with only few pieces.
  • We limit fabric consumption and printing and we have no fabric surplus.
  • Whenever possible, we use recycled materials.
  • Our shipping boxes and shoppers bags are made from recycled cardboard.